How I became a photographer?

Welcome on my first post :)

I was thinking a lot about whether to launch this blog or not...And at the end I dared say YES! Hell yeah! Lets do it..!

I`m going to share with you a little bit about myself and how I started this whole wild Photography stuff.

Its all started when I was a small child and whenever my Dad acquired our first huge camera camcorder. It was really huge and heavy. I remember because a few times I tried to use it. I think it was almost heavier then me.

So because of that lovely one we have a lots of good memories about our childhood. I've always been tempted to talk to the camera or dancing or just acting like a princess. Yess...That was me.

That time I did not even realize that one day I would be a photographer and I am gonna write my blog in a cold winter morning next to my soya latte.

How I use to say..."Everything is happen with reason, and always at the right time." Am I right or Am I right?

Of course I am right my dears.

But...before I am going too far of what I really wanna tell You, lets go back around 2 years at the time.

2 years ago I just slapped to the table and I decided to became a vegetarian and to withdraw from all meat, eggs or not even drinking milk. I You ask yourself, " What the hell I am talking about", right? "How does it connected with the Photography?...Trust me, It is connected.

That time I started my blogger life on Instagram and Facebook. I wanted to share with the whole world, how easy to be vegetarian and teach the people, Who also just started about this amazing and beautiful lifestyle.

No..not diet..:)

So then I started to make pictures about my food. Basically all the time....I shared all my amazing and delicious yummies with the people. Day by day I became better and better and I had more and more followers. I was so happy, but not only because of my followers...also being vegetarian. I know..."What the hell is She talking about AGAIN?"...but..stay with me..because everything is connected with everything. Its like a circle.

So after around the 8th month I felt I need more. "Whats the reason to not drink milk but eat cheese?" -just asked from myself. So I became a 100% VEGAN. And thats already more then one year ago. Lets say 1,5. (We are almost there....don`t give up)

After 3 months of being vegan I started my Youtube channel as well. At the really first time I bought a small camera. That was the SONY DSC-HX90V.

I was in love with it ( still love it) seriously. I think everybody remember of their first camera. Even if I was using only for making videos.

Months by months I felt I wanna make more quality videos. More quality and better pictures. Started to look tutorials. At that time I was living in Copenhagen. So I started to look around the Photography or Cinematography Schools. I wanted to learn everything about it. Not just "shooting in to the blind world". Then I have found one really good one in London. So...Me and my Boyfriend we decided to move London and start our new adventures. I know its sound crazy. But we are crazy...

In september I started my School at the British Academy of Photography at the Westminster University. Its one of the BEST Photography School all around in UK.

So finally my dreams came true. I still love it. Even if I have not finished yet. It takes time and practice and practice...and..more practice. Thats what They...or should I say "We" Photographers saying. Everything is about practice.

You have to push your limit to the hell out!! Take your camera with you everywhere and just shoot, shoot and shoot!

Never be too shy to share your pictures with your friends or with everyone on the whole world. Do it..Share on any kind of social media account!

Before I started my school I forgot to say, obviously I needed a new camera. So I bought a new Canon 77D.

OMG.....I still remember and feel what I felt when I first went out shooting.

This is how Photography became my passion and my life. I love to do it. I love to make amazing pictures, capture moments in different kind of situations.

Street photography, portraits, food photography all different kind of Photography .....:)

So as I said everything is happened with reason. Now I live a happy life because I reached my goals, my dreams and I can do what I really love.

I hope You will enjoy my journey. Come and look what I see through the lens.

Stay with me, and if You need a great shoot don't forget to message me...:)

More posts coming up about different kind of photographers and photography stuff.

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